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“I tried the new Mini Pop Cheese and they are great! My kids don’t don’t want popcorn when watching movies anymore. Now they just want Maricota’s Mini Pop Cheese.”

Elizete N.

“I had never tried the Brazilian cheese rolls, until a Brazilian friend brome a package to taste. Now I just can’t get enough of it.”


“It is impressive how Brazilian Palm hearts are so tender. It made a big difference in my restaurant.”


Good morning! The Maricota Cheese Rolls are fantastic and starting my day off with a few always brightens my mood

Tereza Maximo

Cheese Rolls moment with capuccino … Priceless!! Definitely the best I’ve experienced in Dubai …Hope it comes to stay!!

Simone Amaro

Everybody loved it at home! Thank you Maricota!

Fernanda Troy

Nothing better than Nespresso and Maricota cheese rolls in the freezer … Guys, so delicious, amazing, it is pure cheese, very tasty. Hubby like a good “carioca” filled them with “catupiry”.

Sheron Kittler

“Coalho Cheese Rocks!”

Fernando L.

“How can somebody on earth leave without Acai? Thanks for bringing us this Luma Foods”

Marta S.

“I am a personal trainer and I do train hard everyday. I prepare an Acai smoothie every morning and that gives me the energy boost I need to start my day”

F. de Paula, Personal Trainer

“Tapioca is the most versatile food in the world!! Need an appetizer? Tapioca… Need a snack? Something healthy? For a main course? Or for a dessert? Tapioca, Tapioca, Tapioca… That’s the solution for all your problems heheh”

Anna F.

“Good products, Good service, fair price. I got my delivery in the next day. I am very happy I have to say”


“Brazilian Rice and beans are the best. Whoever says anything else doesn’t know beans “

K. Sritnni