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A Maricota’s Foods foi fundada em 1991 de forma visionária e altamente profissional, hoje a empresa é conhecida como uma das principais fábricas de produtos alimentícios no Brasil. Nossa qualidade, comprometimento e equipamentos de alta tecnologia fazem de nós uma das empresas de alimentos que mais crescem no Brasil.

Amazon Nuts

O Amazon Brazil Group é uma empresa brasileira líder no processamento e distribuição de Nozes Brasileiras no mercado brasileiro e exporta para vários países do mundo.


A Castelo Alimentos começou a se transformar em uma empresa de industrialização, comercialização e distribuição de produtos alimentícios, com um novo foco estratégico. Passover a ter como missão “tornar a sua receita mais saborosa, oferecendo complementos para a salada, molhos e temperos”, o que resume o p


Nossas atividades tiveram início no ano de 1963, em meio à tendência verificada no setor arrozeiro brasileiro, de migração do cultivo do arroz da região central do Brasil para o sul do país, sob a forma da Cooperativa Agrícola Mista Itaquiense Ltda. em um armazém na Cidade de Itaqui, no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul.

Villa Germania

Established in 1996 in Indaial/SC Brazil, Villa Germania Alimentos S.A. is the largest producer and exporter of Duck Meat in Latin America. The company has 260 employees and operates all over Brazil. The products are also exported to Asia (Japan and Hong Kong) Africa and Middle East, with an average market share of 54%. In Middle East Villa Germania is a market leader.

Da Terrinha

Tapioca is a delicious starch extract derived from the cassava plant. Its most common use is in tapioca pudding, but the plant elements are also used in certain cultures as a sweet candy or snack. The useful part of the cassava plant is the root, which is where tapioca is acquired and this plant is now cultivated and enjoyed around the globe. It is native to South America, namely Northeastern Brazil, where it is simply known as cassava, but in other places on earth, it is known by other names, including manioc, yuca, and manihot. 

Some Benefits: 

Healthy Weight gain 

Gluten Free, sodium free, fat free, and cholesterol free. 

Full of vitamins such as complex B

Aids in the production of Serotonin- a neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of well-being


We are proud to produce since 1979 high quality cheeses which can be consumed with safety and pleasure by our own families. Made of the best raw materials available our cheeses are produced with a lot of respect and love to our customers and this is translated in our history of success and our range of over 100 products which are sold worldwide, as we are passionate about what we do.


AMF Comfort Foods is a provider of top quality Brazilian appetizers such as coxinha, cheese balls, beef croquette, and churros in the UAE. 


Located in the Amazon Delta, 100% Amazonia specializes in renewable, non-timber forest products, sourced from the most biodiverse locale on the planet.

100% Amazonia holds a strategic position for gathering the most important assets of the Amazon Rainforest — the raw materials given to us by mother nature. From seeds to fruits, everything can be transformed into nutritionally rich oils, purees, single-strength and clarified juices, extracts, high-orac freeze-dried products, and more.

By respecting local culture and generating income for  traditional and indigenous communities, we build a bridge between nature and humankind, encouraging and promoting sustainability in the Amazon.